VDM Metals

Why Lindsay Goldberg?

Lindsay Goldberg acquired VDM, a corporate carveout, from a company where a Lindsay Goldberg affiliate partner was formerly CEO.

Investment Thesis Highlights

  • Opportunity following corporate carveout to increase focus on executing strategic priorities and building a dedicated senior management team.
  • As the largest European producer of nickel alloys and recognized as an innovation leader, VDM is now one of the largest producers of high-performance nickel alloys globally.
  • Through efficient use of facilities, management was able to optimize capacity and position VDM for future growth.

Post-Investment Value Creation

Under new focused leadership, VDM achieved significant operational improvements including:

  • Working capital optimization through inventory efficiency initiatives.
  • Sales growth supported by strategic and targeted efforts.
  • Health and safety: Focus on safety and working conditions of all employees created more appealing and efficient work environment, increasing productivity directly through reduction in lost-time injury rate.
  • Expansion to new areas of growth including nickel powder and rotating turbine parts.
VDM Metals: Ship flue gas desulfurization